Hallowe’en Horror Fest part 2

The clock strikes, darkness descends and it’s time for more movies from Hallowe’en Horror Fest!

Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971) 220px-Bloodmummytomb

This is what we want!  Hammer Horror – with all the trappings.  This gem from 1971, based on a story by Bram Stoker, offers all the trademarks we expect.  The very lovely Valerie Leon plays Margaret, who seems to be a reincarnation of an Ancient Egyptian Queen of evil named Tera.  Her Egyptologist father (Andrew Keir) and his comrades excavated Tera’s tomb many years before, and now are faced with the return of the sorceress and several dastardly, supernatural murders.

The narrative begins very well and is spiced up with some fairly gruesome imagery.  However, the last third of the film seems to drag a little when it should really deliver more thrills.  Never the less, this Hammer movie features dependable performances and impressive sets that make it a movie well worth catching.  A clever concept with some definite moments that make the film stand out from similar fare. tumblr_lx2w6mr6Wk1r18pefo1_500

Of course, the real event here is Valerie Leon, who can be summed up alliteratively with words such as voluptuous and VA VA VOOM!!!


More Hallowe’en Horror Fest reviews coming very soon…

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