Hallowe’en Horror Fest Has Risen From the Grave

Gather round, courageous ones.  It’s time for more horror movie reviews at the Virtual Hot Tub!

Dead Snow (2009)

Great film.  A group of Norwegian students decide to take a break in a remote cabin up in the mountains.  Surrounded by snow, their initial fun and games turn nasty when a group of Nazi zombies awaken and begin to terrorise them.  Mayhem, blood and gore is the result.

I love this film.  Dead Snow is  obviously inspired (and is a homage to) numerous other similar movies.  There are jumpy parts, gruesome parts – it ticks all the boxes.  Some of the humour is a little too much sometimes, but there’s enough great content to excuse any ideas that were a little too silly. dead-snow

Besides, what’s not to like?  Nazi zombies?  Is that not the ultimate bunch of evil bad guys ever?  A very cool movie, it still worked on a second viewing and highly recommended.  Norway also looks beautiful, I’d love to go there.


Night Watch (2004)

Many years ago, a truce was called between the warring factions of good and evil.  Now the forces of good police the day, while the forces of darkness hold control over the night.  In this world we meet the Night Watch, who are entrusted with keeping the vampires of the forces of darkness in line.

This Russian movie promised a lot, and indeed it looks spectacular.  There are several scenes that definitely impress.  However it’s more spectacle than substance, and I was left disengaged by the last half hour.  There’s undoubtedly vast imagination at work here, so perhaps repeated viewings or more familiarity with the source material would aid my appreciation.

On the whole, it’s more dark fantasy than horror.  I was hoping for more.


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