Creature Skateboards – My New Deck

Today is 21st June 2015, which is Go Skateboarding Day!  To celebrate, here’s a few photos of my latest set up.

This is my new Creature skateboards Sam Hitz pro model.  It’s a huge 8.75″ wide, which is the widest regular street deck I’ve skated in a long time.  I figured that I needed a bigger, fatter deck so it was easier to stay on.  Apparently it’s the way forward for us older guys.  And anyway, it’s still not as wide as the decks I learned to kick flip on in 1989.

Creature are a cool company, I love their graphics and style.

I also needed wider trucks to got with the larger deck.  So I picked up some Independent trucks (of course) from the great Lost Art skateshop in Liverpool.  Thanks guys.

Now I need the rain to stop so I can go outside and skate it…

The Creature Skateboards website is here.

The Independent Trucks website is here.

The Lost Art website is here.


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