Tat Trek Update #1

The gauntlet of the Tat Trek Challenge has been well and truly thrown.  Here’s a quick update from my friend Nicky Carr who found the monstrosity below:


Item: Libra Star Sign Seashell
Description: A shell that looks leopard print with Libra painted on with the star sign that resembles a woman’s vagina haha.
Cost = 1 quid.
Bought at: Can’t remember name of shop but it was in Conwy and was full of pure tat such as bottled sand, kids tacky toys, magnets, key-rings, 3d bookmarks and Welsh dolls (One of the welsh dolls looked freaky wish I had bought but it was 5.99 and I couldn’t justify it. Unfortunately battery was dead so couldn’t get a pic. Bought the shell as was within the 1 quid budget and was worthy of tat trek challenge
Reason for buying: Tat trek challenge.

Have you acquired any tat lately?  If you have a piece of tat lying around your house, get a photo and description (as above) to me as soon as you can!

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