Skateboard Museum Update: My First Skateboard Photos

IMG_4251My first skate board – new photos

The very first skateboard related post I wrote for the Virtual Hot Tub concerned, quite appropriately, my very first skateboard.  There was only one photo to accompany the article however, and that wasn’t much good.  So, as per the update I did regarding the Variflex Joker, here are a few additional shots of this classic board.

Now in my collection for over thirty five years, this skateboard is the one I learned to skate on.  It was a gift from my Gran; but was neglected for a few years.  Eventually I was bitten by the skateboarding bug, and it was this board that gave me that first taste.

This is a very old, and now faded, plastic board from the 1970’s heyday of skateboarding.  The deck is plastic, like many of the skateboards of the time that served to introduce us to the sport/art.  We called these plastic boards “polyprops” back in the day – as in polypropylene, which the boards were supposedly made out of.  I’m not sure if polyprop is a local term or not.

Plastic skateboards have been given a whole new life recently, with the popularity of Penny skateboards.  The development of this retro trend certainly puts a smile on this old skate dog’s face.

On the nose of the deck is what I assume to be the brand name – Albert.  I’ve not seen this company anywhere else – if you know anyhting about them, please leave a comment and let me know.

The trucks are metal, though I have no idea what the wheels are made of.  The wheels are hard, and are sealed with a protector over the bearings.  The wheels have always been like this as far as I remember, so I assume they’re not a softer plastic that’s decayed over time.

Once red, now faded to pink, I still love this old board.  I’m very glad I still have it.

You can read the original blog about My First Skateboard here.

7 thoughts on “Skateboard Museum Update: My First Skateboard Photos

  1. I had the very same skateboard. A present from my parents who knew nothing about skateboards. It was terrible in every department. The trucks were mounted directly to the deck, the wheels were clear and hard plastic with zero grip, the kick tail wasn’t angled up away from the ground so would hit the ground at the slightest opportunity and worst of all it was called Albert!!! Very uncool when you’re a 13 year old trying hard for street cred!!…..I’m 51 now and still remember it.

    Thanks for the great laughs in posting this.


    • Thanks for the comments, Mark! Glad to know someone else remembers these old skateboards. It’s a miracle I ever learned to skate on this, let alone didn’t give up!

  2. Just found an Albert skateboard on a flea market in Norway, compleat and very clean. I remember a friend of mine had one like in the early eighties, brought from the US. We actually had to smuggle them ti Norway, because skateboarding was considered a crime at that time, and if cought riding or even carrying a board, you’d be fined and the board was confiscaded by the police!
    So todays find is a real survivor in many ways!

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