Toyah – Live Review


Saturday 27th August 2014

The Tivoli, Buckley

It was Saturday night, live music on at the Tiv from alternative 80’s legend Toyah – where was everybody?  The place was mostly empty!

Yes, it’s another live music review at Platinum Al’s Virtual Hot Tub – and this time we’re back to that old favourite, The Tivoli in Buckley.

I remember seeing Toyah Wilcox on Tiswas one Saturday morning, when I was about eight.  I thought she was cool (and a bit cute).  I’ve also seen Toyah live before at the Tiv, in the early 90’s when she appeared there with Girlschool.  So I got to hear a few of Toyah’s hits in a rocked up style, along with some Girlschool tunes and some covers (I remember a bit of Zeppelin in the set).

And many of my Virtual Hot Tub pals will also be aware of the time last year at Birmingham NEC Memorabilia, where I met the star in question.  She signed my old Official Toyah Annual and I grabbed a sneaky photo.

You can probably imagine that I was quite stoked to hear that Toyah would be performing just up the road in Buckley.

The date for the gig had been changed previously, so maybe this re-scheduling was to blame for the low turn out.  The Tiv was about a quarter full, prompting Toyah herself to declare “It’s like playing a private party!” – she was far from disheartened.  Toyah was in fine voice and full of energy, bouncing around on the stage.  Between songs, there’s a brief introduction which really does make the whole gig a very intimate experience.

Obviously we get the established songs: “It’s a Mystery”, “I Want to be Free”, “Be Proud Be Loud Be Heard” and many more.  Plus there are some welcome covers such as “Rebel Yell” and “These Boots Are Made for Walking”, which fit in really well with the more expected numbers.  The band are also very impressive and the whole performance is professional, but down to earth.

It’s over far too soon.  Despite a small audience, it was a great gig with a relaxed atmosphere.

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