Saltwater Injection Single Release

Saltwater Injection 

“Vinegar”/”Cuntryfile” (Antipop Records)


The new single from Saltwater Injection, “Vinegar”/”Cuntryfile”, succeeds in capturing their live ferocity and innate ability to smuggle a tune in with the noise. Like Henry Rollins wrestling an angry grizzly bear – for a laugh – this two-piece hurl out lead track “Vinegar” and drag, rather than invite, the audience along. Pounding, dirty bass; vicious drums and urgent vocals give the listener a couple of minutes of aggression that you can’t help but nod along to.

There is a school of thought that says times of austerity and right wing governments create the ideal environment for the best anti-establishment punk rock. Saltwater Injection’s “Cuntryfile” certainly upholds that premise. Just over a minutes worth of furious, filthy mouthed fun – this tune is ridiculously infectious. I defy you to not sing along!

For fans of Black Flag, the Melvins, and 1980’s cross over punk-thrash who also like a bit of tuneful Nirvana in their musical diet.

Out 30.03.2015

Available from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify SWI1

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