Questions #10: Film Scenes

If you could visit a location in any film you’ve ever seen, what would it be?  I don’t mean a film set like Pinewood Studios, I mean the actual location that you see on screen, real or imaginary.

You could pick New York, but when King Kong is climbing the Empire State Building.  That’s a real place, but when something fantastic from within a movie is happening.

Or you could pick a place that’s completely imaginary, like Oz or Narnia.

I asked this question to several people, and this is what they said.

Q: What scene from a film would you like to visit?

Scott: X-Men mansion

Jamie: Zion (The Matrix)

Matt: the mansion in Underworld

David R:  Andy’s room from Toy Story

Terry: Asgard (Thor)

Sam: Tron world(?)

Iaian: Springfield (The Simpsons)

Alex: Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit)

Mike W: SHIELD Heli Carrier (The Avengers)

David: Hoth (The Empire Strikes Back)

Nathan: Fantasia (Never Ending Story)

Laura: Neverland (Hook)

Sue R: Paris (as in Last Tango In…)

Jayne: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Andy B: Hill Valley (Back to the Future)

Kev: Pandora (Avatar)

Greeny: Jurassic Park

Adam G: Hill Valley 2015 (Back to the Future)

Chris: Gotham City (The Dark Knight)

Simon B: the bar in the Cannonball Run

Karen: Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Steve O: The Copacabana club (Goodfellas)

Claire H: Jamaica (Cool Runnings)

Kirsty R: Desert island from Castaway

Me: Mos Eisley cantina (Star Wars)

Leave a comment below if there’s a scene you’d like to be in!

Questions #1: Roast Dinner Ingredients

Occasionally, in work, we have Questions.  A question will be posed by one member of the group, the rest of the group take their turn to provide an answer.  This often encourages  stimulating conversation as each individual’s opinion is thrown into the mix, enlightening their colleagues and giving an insight into their mind.  It also distracts people from fiddling about with their phones for five minutes and enables some social interaction.

I won’t pretend that we debate the deepest philosophical topics, but asking a question does give some food for thought.  In this case, literally.  Here’s a question from this week:

Q: What would be your ideal five ingredients for a roast dinner?

You can pick five items, no more.

Now I hate roast dinners with a passion.  A roast dinner (or Sunday Roast, if you will) is bland, boring food for a dull, miserable rainy day.  Tasteless and uninspiring.  Why bother when you could have Mexican, Indian, or Thai food?  There’s just no need in the 21st Century to eat this stuff.

I will return to how much I detest roast dinners in another post.  For now though, I entered into the spirit of things and gave my answer.  It wasn’t easy.  Here are the items picked by my friends for their ideal, yet limited, roast dinner.


  1. Lamb
  2. Roast potatoes
  3. Minted gravy
  4. Carrots
  5. Cauliflower cheese


  1. Beef (with fat on it – WTF?)
  2. Roast potatoes
  3. Green runner beans
  4. Yorkshire pudding
  5. Gravy

Mark D

  1. Parsnips crisps
  2. Pigs in blankets
  3. Stilton stuffing
  4. Belly pork
  5. Extra crackling

Brian (Veggie – this is getting worse…)

  1. Yorkshire pudding
  2. Roast potatoes
  3. Stuffing
  4. Honey glazed carrots
  5. Nut roast


  1. Lamb
  2. Roast potatoes
  3. Carrots
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Gravy


  1. Yorkshire pudding
  2. Gravy
  3. Roast potatoes
  4. Gammon
  5. Chicken


  1. Lamb
  2. Yorkshire pudding
  3. Sprouts
  4. Cheese cauliflower (?!)
  5. Gravy


  1. Lamb
  2. Yorkshire pudding
  3. Roast potatoes
  4. Pigs in blankets
  5. Gravy


  1. Chicken
  2. Lamb
  3. Stuffing
  4. Sausage
  5. Gravy

I ignored the vegetable options.  They’re the worst bit.

It’s Sunday today.  If you’re having roast dinner, I hope you enjoy it.  Me, I’m off for a nice curry.

What five items would you pick?  Leave a comment below!