Questions #4: Wrestler Intro Music

You’re a famous WWF wrestler.  Tonight is a big match as you face your greatest nemesis.  The crowds roar and the lights blaze.  Dry ice clouds the air.

Back stage you are almost ready to go on – to take the long walk down to the ring.  But what would your intro song of choice be?

Here are the answers I got to that question:

Q: If you were a wrestler, what would your intro song be?


El Taco Grande

Alix: “Gabriel’s Oboe” – Ennio Morricone

Joe: “Enter Sandman” – Metallica

Mike: “Crawling in the Dark” – Hoobastank

Wolfie: “Sail” – Awolnation

Terry: “Here I Go Again” – Whitesnake

Jamie: “Walk This Way” – Aerosmith

Gareth: “Song 2” – Blur

Sam: “Danger Zone” – Kenny Loggins

Ben: “Jungle Boogie” – Kool and the Gang

Jon: “Don’t You Want Me” – Human League

Me: “Highway to Hell” – AC/DC

We’ll leave discussions about names, outfits and signature moves for another time…


Random Bike Ride Playlist #5

A mission up the river.  No chopper cover.  Just the mission, the river, the bike and me.  This was my soundtrack.

Again some interesting choices from Ipodicus, covering several different genres.  I particularly enjoyed the Finale from Return of the Jedi – nearly brought a tear to my eye!

If you’re not a fan of these random lists, click away now – this is the longest yet.  22.5 miles.

  1. Free Beer – “We Are Free Beer (We Got the Beer)”
  2. Tom Jones – “Delilah”
  3. Groove Armada – “At the River”
  4. Shania Twain – “From This Moment On”
  5. The Who – “Pictures of Lily”
  6. Pantera – “Walk”
  7. Cypress Hill – “Hits from the Bong”
  8. System of a Down – “Aerials”
  9. John Williams – “Victory Celebration/End Title” (from Return of the Jedi!)
  10. Steve Jones – “Leave Your Shoes On”
  11. Eminem – “Under the Influence”
  12. Fun Lovin’ Criminals – “Friday Night”
  13. Imelda May – “Tainted Love”
  14. Fishbone – “Those Days Are Gone”
  15. Ramones – “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”
  16. Dusty Springfield – “Some of Your Lovin'”
  17. Hayseed Dixie – “Whole Lotta Rosie”
  18. Suicidal Tendencies – “Pledge Your Allegiance”
  19. Beach Boys – “Let Him Run Wild”
  20. Orange Goblin – “Hot Magic, Red Planet”
  21. Ramones – “Wart Hog”
  22. Toto – “Africa”
  23. Ween – “Happy Colored Marbles”
  24. L7 – “Me, Myself and I”
  25. The Yardbirds – “For Your Love”
  26. Tom Waits – “Jersey Girl”
  27. Motorhead – “Crazy Like a Fox”
  28. Beck – “Derelict”
  29. Fishbone – “Sunless Saturday”
  30. Sound of Guns – “Antarctica”
  31. Joe Walsh – “Time Out”
  32. Danzig – “Black Acid Devil”
  33. Manic Street Preachers – “Nat West – Barclays – Midlands – Lloyds”

Cheeky Vimto

It’s time for a tipple at Platinum Al’s Virtual Hot Tub.  This one’s an old classic – I’m sure you’ve tried it, if not – enjoy!

Cheeky Vimto

  • 1 measure ruby port
  • Blue WKD

Cheeky Vimto

Really simple to make: pour one measure of port into a large tumbler.  Top up with WKD of the blue variety.

You will create a drink that looks, smells and tastes just like a fizzy Vimto – but with a hidden punch.

Play around with the amount of WKD you add – but the colour should be a dark purple, not translucent at all.

It’s been a long while since I was introduced to the Cheeky Vimto, and it became a favourite for a while.  It was the Vodka/Redbull of it’s day.  I have fond memories of introducing this drink to several weary travellers when we got home from Amsterdam on Baz Coppack’s stag do.

Well worth re-discovering.

Soundtrack: Stereophonics

By the way, I say “W-K-D” (the initials) not “Wicked”.  I hate the word “wicked” when used in that way.  You do not sound cool if you say, “Hey, that’s wicked!”.  You sound like a pretend cockney who thinks they’re a “geezer”.

Say “rad” or “killer” instead and avoid looking like a chimp.